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  2. Dear Friends, 

    As you have noticed, the blog hasn't been updated since the season 10 finale.

    I have felt the need for a break from the blog for a while now and the hiatus seemed like a good opportunity. That means that I will not post spoilers or information about Grey's Anatomy this summer. Unless something big happens of course, such as the planned exit of a character. 

    As I mentioned in previous posts, I don't know yet if I will continue my reviews next season either. I must admit that my motivation has gone. 

    Mosly because this blog has taken a huge part of my "free time", which is continuously increasing. I have struggled so much last season to follow the mad rhythm of the 2 blocks of 12 episodes schedule. 

    The fact that I already know that the same schedule will apply to season 11 doesn't help. Yes, I am very aware that I'm the only fan that is enjoying this hiatus lol.

    Also, the number of visits and the number of interactions with other fans has decreased compared to last year.That means that it takes me more time and more efforts but the blog is less read. 

    Unfortunately there have also been multiplying disgraceful comments from people who get all angry at me because I expressed a different opinion than their own in my reviews or because I slightly dislike the characters they worship. 

     So sometimes, I have a Cristina Yang moment : "what's the point" ? 

    Talking about the Devil, Cristina Yang's exit to Switzerland is already really affecting my faith in the show for the upcoming season.

    Sure, many characters have come and gone. But I don't know if Grey's Anatomy will remain Grey's Anatomy without the twisted sisters duet or the sarcastic voice of the medical crew. Without mentioning that the central character, whose name has even inspired the title of the show, has always evolved through her interactions with Cristina, since day 1. But maybe I'm wrong. 

    So I will watch the S11 premiere, perhaps I will be convinced by the quality and it will inspire more reviews. Perhaps it will be the final push to shut down this blog. 

    Whatever happens, I'm grateful for each visitor, each respectful comment, each interesting debate or exchange, and for the few faithful readers. I also have to say that besides the problems I have mentioned, I have of course also really enjoyed writing these reviews !!! 

    Verdict on the blog's future after the S11 premiere. I receive comments directly on my smartphone so I'm not really away, you can always contact me. 

    Have a great summer and take care ! 

    Mc Mo

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  3. "Fear (Of The Uknown)"

    This is by far the most difficult review I've ever had to write... Because this was no ordinary season finale: it was a unique but oh so painful episode... as we had to say goodbye to Cristina Yang, one of the most important and most loveable characters on Grey's Anatomy.

    To be honest, I even got dark and twisty in the way I watched this episode: in bed, in the darkest room you can imagine, totally cut off from the world. No social media. It was just me and Yang, and I really embraced the last 42 minutes I had with her. 

    This will be no ordinary review either, because I have to focus on Cristina's journey but I will try to cover all events of this episode. 

    Explosion at the Mall

    This is now tradition : there usually is some big disaster on the season finale. But this year, it was not the main storyline. Except perhaps for the first 9 minutes, when we all thought, like Owen, that Cristina was perhaps among the victims. After all, Shonda has the bad habit to kill off characters when actors leave. But I was quite confident that she wouldn't do that to Cristina. And indeed, Yang suddenly appeared next to Alex, alive and safe, as she never went to the Mall. 

    "I am not finished"

    Cristina stayed an extra 2 weeks in Seattle and was still not ready to leave for Zurich, claiming that she was "not finished". And so started a long series of goodbyes... because Cristina has had an impact on many of the other characters (if not all) during the last 10 years, she even saved the life of a few in the process (Izzie, Derek, Richard, etc).

    And in this episode, she managed to give the right pep talk to her people, to drive them to even more greateness. 

    1- "You'll never be as good as me but you're very very good !"

    The last scene between Cristina and Alex was really sweet. He's actually the only attending who got to operate with her on her last surgery in Seattle. 

    I loved her speech as it revealed, with a touch of humour, how much she cared and respected him, as she acknowledged his hard work and talent: "You think I wasn't paying attention ? To you proving me wrong ? I thought you were competent (...) Good hands, think fast, act faster (...) You're putting all that talent in a drawer".

    I really love the fact that it is Cristina who reminded Alex - that she formerly called "Evil Spawn" - of what he is worth and implied that he shouldn't limit himself. She didn't stop there as she left him her parts in the hospital and her seat on the Board (I LOVED THAT!!!). Of course, this will probably cause tensions next year as Richard promised the same seat to Bailey. 

    2 - Following Mer's goodbye schedule 

    After a heartbreaking "You and I are not finished" scene, Cristina asked for Mer's help to finally leave Seattle and it seems that Mer applied the "Rip Off the Bandaid" method as she pushed Cristina to quickly say goodbye to people and leave.

    The goodbyes started with Derek and that's when I started to lose it, and it only got worse as the non-hugging Cristina Yang strongly hugged her mentor, Bailey, whispering "thank you". And then, Richard Webber, aka the CHIEF, told Cristina that he was proud of her. Shonda, are you trying to kill me ?

    "We split over something that has not even happened. And we never even split up"

    I know that Crowen fans are frustrated because they didn't get a proper goodbye scene between Cristina and Owen. I understand and I feel for them because at first, I was also confused by that scene where Cristina is in the gallery while Owen is in surgery and where they say goodbye silently, through a meaningful exchange of looks. But I have to say that I actually loved the scene and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me. 

    First, let's not forget that the characters have a whole life off screen and I understood that Cristina and Owen spent the last 2 weeks together. I really mean TOGETHER, as a couple. Which means that they had the time to reconnect. We even saw that ourselves in the opening of the episode ! 

    Besides, Cristina actually stopped Meredith to go say goodbye to Owen. She did turn back, FOR him. But he was in surgery !

    Second, I found that scene really realistic. I had to leave a country myself and meaningful people behind so I went through the whole goodbye process. And this is a real thing, folks : with some rare people, the bond is so deep and you feel so helpless for leaving, that there is just nothing left to say. Everything has been said already and you can't find the right words to express your pain because it's beyond words.

    Owen and Cristina were in 2 different places already, they were about to part ways. In such an emotional moment, especially because they are so attracted to each other, it was better to leave some space. Cristina had to leave Owen fast, without physical contact, to avoid being tempted to stay, as they usually always fall back in each other's arms. Otherwise she would have never left.  

    The looks they have exchanged was full of love, care, sadness. It expressed what they meant to each other. And I think that it was beautifully done. 

    "We need to dance it out, that's how we finish"

    So even though she had already left, Cristina came back for Meredith. Because the only way to say goodbye to her was "to dance it out". The last scene of the Twisted Sisters was the scene I was the most looking forward to. And I was thrilled because it was perfect !

    Cristina successfully wrapped up 10 eventful years as she told her soulmate "Don't get on any little tiny planes that can crash, or stick your hand in a body cavity that has a bomb in it or offer your life to a gunman, don't do that ! Don't be a hero. You're my person. I need you alive. You made me brave". She also showed once again, for those who wouldn't be convinced yet, what a big heart she has, as she asked Meredith to take care of both Owen and Alex. 

    And then, they danced it out, to the sound of a very familiar song on Grey's Anatomy, "Where does the good go", that we heard a very long time ago, back in 1x04 (and possibly in other episodes but I can't remember !) And the lyrics, friends ! THE LYRICS. 
    "Look me in the heart and tell me you won't go"...  

    This is my ultimate favorite scene on the history of Grey's Anatomy and I don't think it will be possible to do better. I must have watched it 10 times already ! This was so beautiful, so meaningful, so Grey's !!! It took me back to so many great memories when Meredith and Cristina used to dance together, and it was just the best way to honour their unique friendship.

    So some could argue that Meredith and Cristina got their great scene when Crowen didn't but I will repeat it again : Meredith and Cristina are each other's soulmate. Not Derek. Not Owen. This was said many times on the show, by those 4 characters, and confirmed so many times by Shonda Rhimes. It doesn't mean that Derek and Owen are not meaningful, far from that, but it made sense to focus on the twisted sisters and give them the emotional goodbyes, because this has always been the most important relationship on the show, since Day 1.

    Cristina left after one last piece of advice: "You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind. Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need. He's very dreamy but he's not the sun. You are." Just like Meredith helped her to leave, Cristina gave Mer the final push to get what she deserves

    She has been an inspiration, especially on this episode, and just like she did for Alex, she reminded Meredith of what she was. This was particularly important after the wasted first half of the season where they kept fighting but also because it referred to Ellis Grey's "you are ordinary"'s accusation. It was time for Meredith to stand up for herself, even if it meant stand up to Derek. And that promises lots of tension and drama for season 11...

    Off to Zurich

    And so did leave Cristina Yang... She went to Europe (YAY ! Sorry for my European pride), to Switzerland, to take over Burke's job. Shane came along as he decided to follow his teacher. I found that a bit too convenient. Seriously, he just  gave up on everything in a second ? That was too rushed for me to like it. 

    But that end was perfect. Cristina was in Zurich, looking at a beautiful view through her new office's windows. Because like Mer said, this was NOT the end for her, there was no end point. The twisted sisters will keep talking, on the phone and by text, and we can all safely assume that Cristina's future will be "brilliant". 

    I was so proud to read "Dr Cristina Yang, Director of Cardiothoracic surgery" on the door, she has grown so much over the years...

    And so it was time for the last goodbyes : ours... It was hard, so hard. But I'm so glad that Cristina survived the killing urges of Shonda Rhimes. And even if she's gone, I know that she's happy and got the ending that she deserved, that's all that matters. 

    I hope we will see her again but if we don't, she was in any case a wonderful character, animated by the outstanding Sandra Oh, who shared everyting with us for 10 years ! 
    This show will never be the same. 

    Goodbye Cristina... You were our person too. 

    And I miss you already tremendously. 

    Additional notes

    • Cristina did the voice over
    • People calling Karev Junior Butthole or Lil' Butthole lol
    • Bailey is losing her genome lab and should get her share of drama over Cristina's seat
    • Calzona seemed to think about a surrogate. I knew this storyline would come back but didn't expect it that soon ! So it seems that I'll never see Arizona pregnant, dammit !
    • Leah had an honorable exit, I even liked her in this episode. 
    • Link McNeil was back and we'll never know what caused these heart failures ! PFFF
    • So Dr Maggie Pierce turned out to be Meredith's half sister ? Seriously, WHAT ? It could have been a great idea but I really can't buy this crappy storyline. Really, Ellis would have had a child with Richard (I assume he's the father) ? Mer was already around 5 years old when Richard and Ellis started dating and it lasted for a few years. So no one would have noticed ? And didn't she get an abortion, knowing her big surgeon plans ? Besides, we've got the sister storyline already, no need to replace Lexie. Thank you.
    • We lost 3 characters but might gain new ones. I assume that Sheperdess and Ellis Grey's hidden child might stay around. 
    • Cristina and Callie did not have one single scene together in this episode :(
    • Japril over the moon ! So why do I expect drama soon ? 
    • For once, a poweful and moving speech from Catherine Avery : "This is the way the world changes , Sweeatheart. Good people raising their babies right"
    • "It's Doctor! You're the boss out there, I'm the Boss in here, get out of my way".Love you, Mer
    • Bailey referring to Webber as "Minister of Education or whatever". LOL.
    • Bailey's line "Wanna grab something else on the way out ? A CT machine ?" 
    • Will Derek move to Washington alone while Mer stays in Seattle ? How will that work ? 
    • Only 2 people left out of the original M.A.G.I.C (Mer, Alex, George, Izzie, Cristina). If Shonda has to give a new "person" to Mer on the show, this better be Alex. 
    • The 80's project for the music was wonderful this season, particularly in this episode : covers of "99 Red Balloons" (Sleeping At Last), the amazing "Take On Me" (Aqualung). And for those who want to know, the song for Mer & Cristina's last scene is "Where does the good go" (Tegan & Sara) but that one is not from the 80's.
    • Videos of Cristina's best moments in the Yang's corner section of my blog, including the last dance. 
    • No Poll and no question. This is no ordinary review. Express what you want in the comments !
    • This may be my very last review. I don't know yet if I'll watch Season 11. Because Critina Yang was such a huge part of the show, I don't know if it will still feel like Grey's Anatomy to me without her. I don't know if it will make me passionate enough to take the time and write reviews. I will think about it during the hiatus... Grey's Anatomy will not return before the 25th of September


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  4. "Everything I Try to Do,
    Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right"

    Somehow this episode didn't feel like a penultimate episode

    Many things happened though but nothing major yet... I assume that the writers keep that for next week. 

    "I turned a virus that kills into something that heals"

    We all know that Bailey administrated her genius treatment to Bredan, against the parents wishes. This week, the boy was doing much better and could even finally get out of the Bubble. 

    But his parents were so upset that they charged Bailey with assault and battery ?!? (WHAT ?!?) The dad seemed really determined to take her license away
    Are you nuts ? Stay away from my Bailey !!!

    Sure I wouldn't like people to treat my child without consulting me either but I also thought, like Bailey, that the parents would see "the bigger picture": their son is alive and healthy! Which is a miracle for such a very sick boy! 

    I really liked how dignified Bailey acted through it all as she calmly stated that she didn't make any mistake. Finally, a sign of the Nazi this season. I really really hope that next year, they will stop turning Bailey into a silly person though. She's not what she used to be. 

    The parents agreed to drop the charges when Edwards decided to lie and to take the fall for Bailey. She told the parents that she was the one who made a mistake. 
    Kudos to Stephanie to put the patients first and protect Bailey so other people could benefit from her treatment.

    "This was a jerkass move, Karev !"

    Alex was briefly back at the hospital and played dirty when he blackmailed Ross in order to steal Arizona's surgery. This was really low of him, especially because Arizona was nothing but supportive when he decided to join Lebackes' practice. As she said it herself, she didn't deserve to be treated like that. 

    Alex finally confessed that he was not doing so well in his new job and that he stole her patient because he desperately needed to bring cases to prove himself at the practice

    I was actually happy about that scene because I love when Arizona gets angry at Karev and puts him back in his place, and I was frustrated that we didn't get one when he quit. Robbins remained supportive tough as she told Alex that he should ask for her help next time.

    I really love these two, always have. I can't wait for Alex to come back to GSMH so we can enjoy their relationship some more.

    "That can be enough, right ?"

    So I was right when I suspected that Callie would not be able to get pregnant again. She learned that due to her car accident in season 7, she can't bear another child.

    So I assume that this explains why the writers surprisingly chose Callie to originally carry the second child, they were probably just buying more time for this storyline. And good move because Calzona had rushed too much into that decision anyway.

    Arizona offered to carry the child herself but Callie stopped her with a valid point, saying that their couple was still too fragile and that they wouldn't make it if it turns badly. Even if they both agreed that their current life was "enough", it was SO obvious that it isn't for any of them ! 

    I'm sure that this storyline will come back in season 11, this is far from being over. And I want to see Arizona pregnant some day anyway, so I'm counting on that. 

    "Amy can move to Seattle and we can move to D.C."

    With Derek away in Washington for the mapping project, Amy was still helping out, both for the surgeries and with the kids. While the Mc Dreamy's thought that they were keeping her hostage, it turned out that Amy actually doesn't want to leave and might even break up with her fiance. 

    When Derek came back, he told Mer that he would like to move to Washington, as the president offered him a position at the National Institute of Health. He tried to convince her by saying that the timing was perfect: Amy could take over his service and Meredith could take an attending position at a hospital over there, moving on with her life like Cristina and Alex. 

    Will she move ? I have my doubts, because 1 - they can't have everybody leave and 2 - this is not the first time that Mer gets the opportunity to move on at the same time as everybody else and she never does. So the real question is : what / who could hold her back

    "Don't leave me until you're leaving me". 

    Cristina was mostly busy interviewing candidates to be the next Head of Cardio, which was quickly exposed by Meredith as Owen's strategy to offer her the job and keep her around. 

    Owen confessed later that it is indeed what he wanted to do but he eventually didn't as he knew that it was not the right thing for her. The fact that he lets her pursue her own happiness proves how much he cares about her. 

    He kissed her and basically suggested for them to be together until she really leaves for Zurich. I see this as a final gift from Shonda: we have one more episode to enjoy Crowen.  

    The last.

    And I cant' even think about that. 

    Additional notes

    • April is 10 week pregnant and although they wanted to keep the secret a little longer, they both told some people. Cant' believe that Jackson "told" Stephanie btw, really inconsiderate but funny ! 
    • Webber told Leah that she was not a surgeon and offered to recommend her at a research lab in Washington. YAY ! So long, fucker ! :-D
    • What will happen to Ross as he will no longer be in Seattle ? Will he die on the season finale ? (it won't be the first time it happens !)
    • This episode was really gross with the girl who had no control over her sphincter, Leah burping and Jo's stress hives rash... 
    • "So you want to give me a bionic butthole ?" 
    • "You see this Kepner, you call me that nonsane word one more time, you won't like where I stick it"  I Love grumpy grumpus Callie
    • Callie imitating "Sissy" Jo and her "Check yo self before you wreck yo self"
    • April calling Jackson "Talking Tina"
    • Karev's knock knock joke with the interrupting jellyfish
    • Music: awesome cover of "Tainted Love". Me love the 80's !

    What did you think ?

    • What were your favorite scenes ?
    • Will MerDer move to Washington ?
    • How do you plan to watch the season finale ? Where/When, in what way ? Any specific drinks/snacks ? Any specific items around ? I'm curious !
    • Poll : Should Amy become a series regular ? (I want to ask in a formal way this time lol)

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  5. "We Are Never Getting Back Together"

    This was a key episode because it was a HUGE turn in Cristina's storyline and it already set the ground for her exit.

    "You've become everything I dreamed you'd be"

    Although the Board (and mainly Richard) wanted Dr Yang to appeal the decision on the Harper Avery Award, Cristina decided to go to Zurich where she was expected to give a speech at a hospital. 

    She talked about her research in a dark room, in front of a big audience, until a very familiar voice asked her some questions. I recognized the voice immediately (and so did Cristina, obviously) but I loved that Burke's face was revealed only when he stepped into the light. This was beautifully done. He didn't really change, although he looked older but 7 years have passed after all ! 

    I have to say that I was originally fully against the come back of Preston Burke. And I still believe that he was not necessary to Cristina's story. Let's be honest, she could have got an offer at the hospital in Zurich without him. Nevertheless, being confronted to Burke did justice to Cristina's character at multiple levels [1-2-3] and I really enjoyed their scenes. 

    I was afraid during most of the episode that the writers would throw Preston at us as Cristina's new love interest and that she would leave Seattle for him. I'm so happy that it was really not the case. Cristina made it clear that she was not interested in Burke anymore and that walking away from her at their wedding was the best thing that had ever happened to her. 1] That did justice to the heartbroken girl that was crying in her wedding dress at the end of season 3.

    We learned that Burke also moved on as he is now happily married and has kids. And through their exchanges, we got to discover that they wouldn't have been a good fit. Indeed, Burke confessed that his love for Cristina was consuming. Cristina also appeared way stronger than before as she refused to work under him. 2] These scenes did justice to Crowen's relationship as they proved that Cristina would have not been happier with Burke. 

    This episode showed that Burke has had a brilliant career despite the fact that the post-Harper Avery period was not as easy as we could have thought and that he now runs a hospital in Zurich. He got Cristina to confide in him and she told him that she knew what the next step was - printing a beating heart - but we learned that she was stuck, as she probably won't have the needed support in US after losing the award.

    When Burke told her how much he valued her fascinating work and that he wanted her to take over the hospital when he leaves Zurich, he gave her the acknowledgement she needed after the Harper Avery twist. 3] That did justice to Dr Yang. Her former mentor, the arrogant Dr Burke, has followed her work closely and is incredibly proud of her. 

    Morevoer, that hospital has "everything she has ever wanted" : modern techniques such as holographic hearts and a whole bunch of 3D printers. 

    Will Cristina go to Europe ? It's at least what what Meredith could read out of Cristina's face at the airport. I must confess that as a European, I'm insanely excited at that idea ! :)

    Amy Dr Shepherd

    Derek & Amelia operated on conjoined twins and even though this was a dramatic and quite interesting case, I was disappointed because we already got 2 conjoined twins cases before. Even though, as far as I can recall, this is actually the first case where one of them dies... 

    I loved how all doctors had to team up on this one (and how we moved from one doctor's lecture to the other, good editing!). This also offered us the chance to explore more deeply the relationship between Derek and Amy, as he obviously had difficulties to trust her and implied that she was not capable. But at the end of the episode, he recommended his sister to work on Callie's research

    Could she become a series regular next year ? Would you like that ? 

    Japril : peace after the storm ? 

    First, I have to point out that Richard was really angry at Jackson (even though the one he's really agry at is Catherine) for the whole Harper Avery situation. I loved his quote "We got in bed with your foundation too fast, it's clear that there are certain fundamental differences of philosophy, it's not gonna work, it's a doomed marriage", perfectly mirroring his situation with Catherine as well as the current situation of Jackson and April. 

    Tired of seeing her husband attacked, April stood up for him against Webber. Later on, Jackson joined April in the chapel of the hospital and it looked like they might find a compromise as he agreed to come with their family to the church. Is that fight over for good or just for now ? 

    Additional notes

    • The McNeil kids were discharged. WHAT ?!? What the hell happened to these kids ? We still don't know !!! What's wrong with the writers ?
    • Bailey's treatment works on Bredan. Go check the 10x23 promo for more details about the trouble she's getting into. 
    • "Good looking doctors run in the family"
    • Jo was overwhelmed and it was stupid of her not to ask for help. 
    • Loved how Mer can predict the content of Cristina's voicemails
    • I really wanna go to Zurich now. Anyone else ? 
    • Arizona's list of weird baby names was hilarious ! 
    • Nice trip down to memory lane : Burke & Cristina's wedding, his line "It's just coffee",  his scrub cap, Mer's quote about Cristina's eyesbrows, etc.
    • "Agamemnon... I kinda love it" + Arizona's face !
    • Alex is really happy (that feels weird lol)
    • Cover of "Like a Virgin" - reminding me of when Cristina sang it at the morgue with Lexie ! Aaah good times ! 
    • "You treat her like she's the village idiot !"
    • I feel like a drug addict when there is a scene involving Cristina. I know I will run out soon. 
    • Poll : what resident is not cut out to be a surgeon ? 

    What did you think ? 

    • Did you enjoy the return of Preston Burke ? 
    • What were your favorite scenes ? 
    • Will Cristina go to Europe ? 


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  6. "Change Of Heart"

    Apologies for the really late review but after a fantastic time in Dublin, I was badly sleep deprived and I couldn't have written this faster. 

    "What's the point ?"

    So...as I told you before, I was not surprised when Cristina didn't get the Harper Avery and I had the feeling that Shonda would drag this storyline longer than we thought. So it turns out that I'm not paranoid, it seems that I just know the recipe of this show ! lol. 

    But I can't believe I didn't guess the reason why she didn't get it, because it actually makes perfect sense : there was a conflict of interest. 

    Catherine Avery admitted to Richard that as the foundation co-owns the hospital Cristina works for, she had NO chance to win. Even if she had all the votes. Like a very angry Meredith said, "Cristina Yang was robbed".

    And what was originally Cristina's business suddenly became the business of the whole hospital as they now know that none of them will ever get such an award. I really like this storyline and am looking forward to see how they will fight back (yes, they will !) 

    The disappointment related to the Harper Avery award didn't prevent Cristina from taking care about the McNeil kids.. Yeah because Yang is a damn good doctor ! This was also a genius storyline and drama peeked when both sisters got worse at the same time and were both a good candidate for the only heart available. In a classic Grey's twist, the parents suddenly had to decide which one of their children would get the chance to survive... a decision that they obviously didn't want to make, forcing Cristina to make it for them...   

    Cristina made "the right call" by saving Ivy who had a better chance of survival...Little Frankie didn't make it, which made me really deeply sad, I got attached to that girl ! Damn you, Grey's Anatomy ! 

    "I'm pregnant"

    Following last week's installment, April was still living at Calzona's, and was obviously still very upset at the situation as she kept discussing it with an annoyed Callie and Owen. 

    April and Jackson later talked at their apartment and both apologized without resolving their issue though. And this is going to become critical as  April broke the news that she was pregnant ! 

    The possibility of April getting pregnant was mentioned recently but it was still a surprise to me ! I didn't think she would get pregnant that fast, I'm already not used to them being married ! This news suddenly makes their problems even more real and serious, will they find a compromise or will this be one of those "fights you just can't get past" like it was the case for Crowen ? What do you think ? 

    "I guess this is my notice"

    With his fellowship soon getting to its end (already ? It feels like he started yesterday !), Alex considered more seriously the possibility of accepting the "good, really good offer" he got from Lebackes

    Although he was originally afraid to tell Arizona, she reacted as a real mentor and gave him her blessing, telling him that she was proud of him and happy for him. I didn't expect that, I thought that Arizona would be really mad ! Thinking about himself for once, Alex officially accepted the offer at the end of the episode and announced it to the Board. 

    Will he really leave ? If yes, for how long ? I don't buy this story, either we'll see him for only a few episodes in the private practice (like Cristina in Mayo) or he won't even leave at all. He can't anyway, I am way too in love with the Alex-Arizona work relationship. 

    Let's mention again that the scene in which Alex and Arizona share a plane to go pick up the heart was a great parallel with their first scene together in 5x12. I really love all the parallels we've got this season ! (And kudos to Robbins for getting back on a plane after what she went through !)

    Additional notes

    • Jackson pressured Bailey to get results if she wanted to keep her lab so I'm sure that she's going to inject Bredan with deactivated HIV... especially because his mom has already signed the consent forms... problems are just around the corner. 
    • Will the Avery foundation stop some research projects ?(they really start to piss me off to be honest...)
    • I LOVED how Mer got all mama bear about the "failure" of her soulmate, underlining the poor judgement of the Avery foundation through hilarious quotes !

    • "Kepner, get out of my vagina" LOL
    • Jolex are SO hot ! 
    • "I like your hair"
      "Oh what did you do ?"
    • Callie making excuses to get away from Kepner and playing the gross ortho prank on Jo.
    • I really enjoyed the return of Amelia Shepherd ! Amy will stay around for a few episodes. Possibly more ? 
    • Mer & Derek operated together (it's been ages !) with familiar music in the background and even ended their day in the on call room! Loved it ! 
    • Richard confessed that  he was planning on proposing to Catherine. I assume the "engagement" is off for now ! 
    • I don't publish a poll this week because there is no point, considering my late review, sorry ! 
    • Only 3 episodes left this season... 3 episodes left for Cristina... get ready because I have the feeling it's going to speed up and be brutal ! 

    What did you think ? 

    • What was your favorite scene ? 
    • Will Cristina eventually get her Harper Avery ? 
    • Do you think Jackson and April will work it out ? 

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  7. "Go It Alone"

    Sorry for the late review, I have trouble keeping up with the blog at the moment (this is where regular breaks between episodes would come up handy... lol). And so it will be a "short" review (sort of, I never managed to write real short reviews lol)

    No Harper Avery for Cristina

    As there are only 4 episodes left for our beloved Cristina (the farewell already starts this week !!!), the Harper Avery ceremony is worth to be discussed.

    Cristina continued to act like it was no big deal and mentioned she wanted to attend the ceremony alone. She was supposed to write her speech at Joe's with the help of her twisted sister and their long term friend, Tequila. (I would have loved to see that btw, and I really hope we're going to get a scene at Joe's with Alex and Meredith before the end of the season !) 

    As Mer and Alex were both unavailable, Cristina started writing her speech with the McNeil Kids who were awake and a bit more healthy at the beginning of the episode. They went all quickly back into heart failure though, forcing Cristina to stay around longer than planned. We are so far away from the Cristina who didn't care about her patients !

    I truly loved the scene with the 3 original interns together in the OR (as always !!! So are we going to get one per episode ? PLEASE ?) They have indeed come a long way but they are still close friends that support each other.

    Later, in Boston, Cristina realized that it was a bad idea to go alone, and made a hilarious phone call to Meredith : "I made a mistake, I don't want to be here alone, you should be here, we should be drunk. Why aren't we drunk ? And I want Owen here and he could hold my purse and tell me things and - oh my God - tell me to wear deodorant !". 

    I was sure that Meredith and Owen would show up but this was my favorite scene of the whole episode : seeing them at the table, waiting for Cristina, this was soooo cute and touching !!!!

    I was not surprised (I already had serious doubts in my last review) but still disappointed to hear from Catherine Avery that Cristina didn't win the Harper Avery Award. It would have been great but it would have been too easy, too predictable for the show. Maybe Cristina is too young, or maybe, simply, this is the disappointment she needed to move forward. To move away...  

    "It's not real"

    Jackson and April's little deaf patient triggered a major fight for the newly weds. April accused Jackson of dismissing her faith and feelings and pointed out that he judges everyone/everything that is different from his own views.

    I am glad she brought it up because it is indeed what most people do in life : they mark as "wrong" whatever path that is different from their own or from what society has identified as "the only correct one", which always makes me so angry.

    April clearly expressed her wish to raise her family with religious values and traditions. What I found hilarious is that she is a bit of a hypocrit : she accuses Jackson to disrespect her faith when she actually does exactly the same to him. As he said, he believes in science and medicine and it was really wrong from her to pity him for that as she shouldn't force her own beliefs on him.

    Somehow I believe it is very hard (if not impossible) to find common ground on differences at such a deep level... that's also what the story of Crowen about kids tought us... But we will see, they might find a compromise.
    I really liked the fact that April knocked on Callie and Arizona's door though, I love that friendship !

    Callie to carry the second baby

    Derek ruined date night for Callie and Arizona as he asked them to look after Zola and Bailey, making Mer a very worried mother as she didn't know where her children were ! Btw, I really vote for more scenes for Calzona with a baby, they are way too cute !
    Torres & Robins started to talk about their future child and were trying to agree on who would carry the baby. A very hesitant and undecided Arizona pushed for flipping a coin in order to make a decision but quickly screamed in panick that she didn't want to get pregnant herself. And so the choice has been made: Callie will be the one carrying the baby.
    Ok, I have to say it: I'm deeply disappointed that we won't get to see Arizona pregnant... I was really looking forward to it. There could be lots of reasons behind the writers' choice. One of them being that rumor that Sara Ramirez might actually be pregnant. This wouldn't be the first false rumor of the sort about Sara to be honest but you never know !

    Additional notes

    • Alex started shift at Dr Butthole's pratice and finally told Mer and Cristina, but didn't tell Arizona yet (this will happen next week !) 
    • Bailey got everything ready to cure the Bubble Boy with gene therapy as she disabled the HIV virus, injected Bredan's stem cells into it and watched the virus "chill" lol. But we already know that something is going to go wrong : what can it be ? 
    • Derek's got a crazy schedule between work and home and even had to send patients away to other hospitals, cancelling lectures etc... he mentioned to his wife that something has to change, but what ? Will he make it even more difficult for Mer ?  
    • Cristina's line "I won't have time to talk to you, I will be too busy being better than you" 
    • Cristina almost asking April to be her drinking buddy before changing her mind almost immediately (LOL) 
    • Grandpa Ben Warren was back and fell asleep through most of his surgeries ha ha 
    • Useless Leah made another mistake, time for her to leave ! 
    • LOVED Jo's line "in your face" as she managed to take the scissors out of the patient's head (probably because I say the same to my colleagues very often ! lol) 
    • All McNeil kids are on the transplant list now 
    • Cover of the song "Holiday" (1983, yeah yeah I had to mention the year !

    What did you think ?  

    • Did you like the episode ? What were your favorite scenes ?
    • How will Cristina react now that she didn't get the Harper Avery Award ?
    • Were you surprised to hear that Callie would be the pregnant one ?
    • POLL : are you ready to say goodbye to Cristina Yang ?
    • Note that I'll be in Dublin this week so I will write my review later than usual.

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  8. "I'm Winning"

    This was simply a PERFECT episode, I absolutely loved each and every scene of it, which is rare. It had everything I could ever ask for on this show : friendship, love, medical greatness,  jealousy, competition and suspense. 

    "It's just a nomination"

    The opening of the episode was both wonderful and hilarious, and it had a touch of the old days. Back at Mer's old Alex house, the twisted sisters were sharing a bed, just like they used to for every important moment or crisis. 

    This time, they were anxiously waiting for the call announcing Cristina's nomination for the Harper Avery Award. It got even better when Alex and Jo rushed to join them: I really enjoyed every bit of it as this scene featuring the original interns together is one the last few we're going to get :-(

    Btw did the ringing phone stress out anybody else than me, as Cristina was listening to Mer's "you're going to change the face of medicine" pep talk instead of answering the call ? lol. 

    Anyway, Yang acted during the whole episode (or almost) as if this was not a big deal, because Cristina usually doesn't like to make a big fuss but also probaby because she didn't want to get her hopes up. 

    Meredith planned a surprise champagne toast at the hospital to celebrate the big news (and also to cover up her jealousy, natural reaction for a competitive surgeon I must say). 

    But Cristina focused on her patients, mostly little Link whose condition was critical. Thanks to her sudden new popularity and to Jackson's generous offer of 25.000 $, the hospital managed to get a device to buy hime more time (to be continued). I really loved how all doctors teamed up on this case ! 

    It is only when Owen showed up with a bottle of champagne and took Cristina to the familiar vents place that she admitted she looked up the other nominees' background.

    I really LOVED that meaningful scene - which included a great parallel with past seasons - because what's happening to Cristina is actually a big deal and I'm glad she let herself share that with Owen. After he told her that he thought she'd win the Award, Cristina confessed that she believed in it too

    Will she actually win the Harper Avery ? Is it her time yet ? I honestly don't know what to think. On one hand, she is brilliant, she proved it again this week just like in the last 10 years and how wonderful would it be for Cristina to win such a prestigious award before she leaves us ? 

    But on the other hand, I don't know because it feels expected and when she said "me too", there was Meredith's voice in the background stating that Ellis Grey got the award when she didn't think she could win... I feel like Shonda might drag this storyline for longer than we think. Or perhaps I'm just overthinking it... that's what 10 years of Grey's emotional chaos do to you I guess... lol !

    At least, we know that Burke is not among the 4 other nominees. I assume that Cristina would have said something if he was ! What do you think ? 

    In any case, each episode becomes more and more painful as we are heading towards her final chapter and I'm honestly NOT ready to let Cristina Yang go... 

    "I want another baby"

    It is not the first time that Callie's desire to have a second child comes up. But after Arizona's miscarriage, she never spoke about it again, and probably not off screen either. It took a machine that reads emotions (and countless hilarious tries with Derek) for her to finally realize that even though she's happy with her wife and child, she might need more. There was no more doubt when her pleasure center lit up at the sight of Baby Bailey

    Meanwhile, Arizona was reaching the same conclusion through very different events as her patien'ts case made her realize that she didn't want Sofia to go through life alone (let's mention that the episode aired on International Sibling Day).

    I loved their morbid/practical discussion which went from hilarious to moving as they agreed on having another baby, which was followed by the long LONG awaited "I love you" 's they exchanged. 

    "Imagination and innovation are everywhere"

    At the beginning of the episode, Bailey still didn't know how to help the Bubble boy, despite weeks of research. Her own failure and Yang's huge success made her jealous of her former students. Those scenes were really hilarious, particularly the one where she made Mer look like an inexperienced "sloppy" surgeon and stole her sugery right before her eyes !

    But with his unlimited enthousiasm for medical innovation, Richard found the right words to inspire Bailey. I assume we will see more of her gene therapy idea (I sure hope so) and that she will manage to find a way to cure the boy ! Back to her greatness, Bailey finally realized that it was time to congratulate Dr Yang and teach her how to respond to congratulations ;-)

    "You called Butthole"

    Alex was still hesitant to join Lebackes' private practice because his plan was never about the money and that he prefers to focus on his patients. He proved once again that he gets genious ideas when he put a camera on the Bubble boy's RC car so he could see what was going on in the hospital and talk to his friends. Karev is such a sweetheart

    After Jackson's generous "donation", Alex realized that "money let you do good crap in the world". And so he called Dr Butthole to tell him that he was interested in his offer

    Will Alex leave ? In any case, I'm pretty sure that Robbins will not be happy with this decision and this storyline will be ongoing until the end of the season. 

    Additional notes

    • I loved all the references to Ellis Grey in this episode ! 
    • "She's wearing lipstick at 5 AM ?"
    • I like this Frankie kid ! 
    • Kepner wearing a swimsuit at work because she didn't have any more clean underwear
    • April harassing Jackson for his meaningless expenses while going on about leftovers
    • "It's going to be humble but self-involved". 
    • Leah thinking about moving to a farm where to grow vegetables. Please do !
    • Bailey referring to Mer as a "rookie"
    • Shane fully ignored the swap monkey thing ! 
    • Callie told in a gross but great speech how she fell in love with Ortho. 
    • "I think you have a crush on my wife"
    • Music : amazing cover of "Fame" at the end of the episode! 

    What did you think?

    • Did you like this episode ?
    • What were your favorite scenes ?
    • Who will get pregnant : Callie or Arizona ?
    • Will Alex leave for the privacte practice ?
    • POLL : Will Cristina actually win the Harper Avery ? 


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  9. "You be illin' "

    It was not a life-changing installment but it was fairly entertaining, with "infections" as the thread of the episode. First, some of our doctors got infected with the flu, starting with Arizona. I really loved the beginning of the episode showing how this gets spread through elevator buttons, doors, tablets etc. 

    But did you notice that all patients were also suffering from infections and that their cases had their share of irony ? The Bubble Boy (SCID Syndrome) who can't stand isolation when he couldn't previously stand being touched by his mom, the tetanus patient who sees meds as poison but is "fine" to "live" with a nasty infection, etc. 

    Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yeah

    Dr "Butthole" has arrived ! Dr Oliver Lebackes made his debut as a peds specialist who also has a private practice. Patrick Fabian was originally announced as a recurrent guest star this season, so... will wee see him again ? I must say I like this character, he's talented and funny. That was impossible not to love the dancing scene in the OR btw ! :)

    But let's be serious for a minute. Lebackes confessed that he was planning to extend his practice and made an interesting offer to Alex : to become his new partner. Whaaaat ? 

    This offer definitely got to Alex's head as he started to suddenly get nosy and asked Arizona how much money she made as an attending (hilarious scene I must say).

    Will Alex seriously consider this offer ? Perhaps. 

    Let's not forget that Karev felt most of his life like an underdog and always had the ambition to become someone. He worked hard when he was an intern and resident and even got a fellowship at Hopkins before the plane crash. As the opening scene of the episode showed it, he originally stayed around only because he felt guilty about Arizona's amputation and was waiting for her to get better.

    The money he would get from the private practice would allow him to pay off his students loan (and give a chance to Jo to relax ! lol) which would be the easy fix he was looking for. In case Justin Chambers' contract is not renewed, this would also be the perfect excuse to send Karev away.

    But let's not be dramatic, I don't think that we are going to lose Alex. He is one of the originals, his romance with Jo is loveable, he makes a wonderful team with Arizona Robbins, and even Shonda Rhimes said that he was not going anywhere. Although Shonda is probably the last person on earth that I would trust. lol. 

    The ortho glow

    Our ortho Goddess has a new padawan, I mean, apprentice ! 

    This is such a good fit, I LOVED it ! How come we didn't see Callie and Jo working together before ? (instead of stupid Leah !) Jo definitely has the perfect personality to become the new Torres, as they share rage and strength. Get off peds, Wilson ! 

    I really hope we see more of the ortho girls ! Maybe we will, considering how excited Callie was about it ? By the way, I loved the scene in which Callie talks to a sick Arizona through the bathroom door !

    "I don't get sick !"

    Derek was getting ready for his conference on the presidential mapping project, in front of about 50 scientists from all over the world.... and repeated his speech in front of his son (SUPER CUTE !!!) 

    But this was not an easy day for Dr Shepherd as he was not feeling well despite his many MANY "I don't get sick" protests. Moreover, he even had to operate with Dr Bailey and Dr Kepner on the Bubble boy. I loved Bailey's line "You don't look ridiculous at all" as his face was fully covered to avoid infecting the boy even more.

    Even if he tried to push through, Derek eventually really got sick and passed out. It was quite predictable that Mer would take over and do a great job. But I liked it, because the past few episodes kept focusing on Derek's greatness as if he was the only one capable, and Mer proved this week that she is able to handle it too. 

    Additional notes

    • We got more patients in this episode, like in the old days ! :-)
    • Some patients will come back next week : Bredan as well as the whole family with the 2 sick sisters. Indeed, their little brother is likely to become ill too as he will appear in 3 more episodes. As the cause of these heart failures is not genetic or viral, this promises to offer some suspense !
    • Cristina's line "This trial is my baby, Shane. Don't let my baby die" was powerful, especially after last week's episode, and a good introduction to next week's episode. 
    • Arizona, Derek, Jackson, Richard and Leah got sick
    • Lebackes' nicknames were hilarious : D. Poop Chute, Dr Rear Gear, the Sphincter Fairy, etc. Btw, Patrick Fabian guest starred in Friends 15 years ago, I had to say it !
    • "Back off Scrooge McDuck, I'll be fine". 
    • "There are two kinds of man sick. When I get home tonight, Dr Ben Warren will call out "Miranda" from his fetal position on the couch, beg me for saltines and a wet wash cloth for his head". HILARIOUS. (I personally only know that kind. lol)
    • "I don't want his first word to be hypothalamus"
    • Webber referring to Leah as a "little wuss" lol. Even though I must admit she was brave in this episode. 
    • "You're dating Alex Karev, you'll always have a reason being angry"
    • Arizona's superpower enables her to know when she's going to get sick ! 

    What did you think ? 

    • What were your favorite scenes ? 
    • What did you think about Dr Lebackes ? 
    • Will Alex leave Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital ? Will he discuss his hesitation with Jo and Arizona ? 
    • Poll : does Jo belong to Peds or Ortho ? 
    • Sandra Oh will get her last table read (10x24) next week :( 


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  10. "Do You Know ?"

    I just came back from my holiday in Poland, hence the late review, sorry ! But I am ready to discuss this FANTASTIC episode that focused on our beloved Cristina and that definitely opened up the exit path for Dr Yang :'( 

    Both Sandra and Kevin did a really wonderful job in this episode. 

    "Do you want to live this way ?"

    Cristina was operating on a patient that was hurt in a car accident and even though she was able to fix his heart, it quickly appeared that the man would be fully paralyzed and unable to breathe on his own. His wife (whose speech about her husband mirrored perfectly what Cristina thinks about Owen) asked Yang to wake him up and ask him if he wanted to live "this way" or if he wanted to be taken off life support. This case lead Dr Yang to think about her own life. 

    "All it takes is one person, one patient, one moment to change your life forever. It can change your perspective, color your thinking, one moment to force you to re-evaluate everything you think you know."

    She started considering the options she had if she was to live her whole life with Owen and offered us a wonderful peek into two very different futures. 

    "Do you know who you are, what has happened to you ? Do you want to live this way ?

    Option 1 :  "I love you, I want to be with you forever". 

    In the first scenario, Cristina is shaken by her patient's decision who picks death despite her efforts to save him. This makes her feeling helpless and she starts imagining what would happen if she was getting back together with Owen and choosing him over everything else : her career, her own dreams, etc.

    The different flash forwards who took us through their life were beautifully done. In this scenario, not only they both committed to their relationship but they bought a real house and even took a dog.

    Can we just talk about the ugly rat dog aka Mrs Rodriguez for a minute ? This whole part was really HILARIOUS ! I really love the fact that Yang chose that dog among all the other ones and that she progressively really got attached to it -"He just happens to relate to people like I do" - even borrowing Baby Bailey's sweater to keep her dog warm. 

    After being happy for a few years, Owen and Cristina started to disagree on their life decisions but Cristina decided to sacrifice her own dream(s) for him. And we saw something I never thought I would EVER see on Grey's Anatomy : Cristina Yang GIVING BIRTH to Crowen's child

    Surrounded by her husband and her person in the delivery room, Cristina started expressing the first signs of the neverending misery she was about to get into"this is a mistake, I can't", later even whispering "I screwed up, Mer" to her twisted sister. I really liked the fact that they didn't depict Cristina as a monster in her attitude towards her child. During these scenes, she was constantly torn between her child's welfare and her regrets over a "failed" career

    But so it began, it happened exactly like Mer had predicted a few years ago : "Do you know what will happen to Cristina if she has a kid that she doesn't want ? To pretend that she loves a kid as much as she loves surgery will almost kill her. The guilt of resenting her own kid will eat her alive". 

    And indeed, even pregnant with her second child, Cristina confided in Mer and we could clearly notice the damage that had been done with her line "it's like I'm sleepwalking all the time". This took a real dramatic turn when she had to hand the third phase of her trial over to Ross who ended up getting the Harper Avery Award that she should have received

    The scene in which she locks herself up in the bathroom, crying in despair over her "failed" life was truly heartbreaking. . 

    Option 2 :  "Us being just us"

    This time, Cristina refuses to sacrificing herself for Owen. This is actually the scenario that we have seen for the last 3 seasons : even though Owen said that he didn't need more than the two of them, he later changed his mind, resulting in multiple breakups and makeups.  

    In this scenario, Cristina focused on her work and her trial, not letting anything (not even patients) getting in her way. She became incredibly successful as we saw her winning her 4th (!!!) Harper Avery Award.

    This time, Owen is the one suffering, mostly because his wishes are ignored by Cristina. This is emphasized by the patient's wife who said "I wanted to have a child... I will never ever have a child." We learn that they are not even living together, as Cristina still lives at Alex's while Owen sleeps at the trailer". 

    The situation got worse up to the point where Cristina asks Meredith's help : "I need help, Mer. You have to help me, don't let me go back to him, for his good and mine". 

    Their last breakup turned Owen into a drunk and he started making horrible mistakes with his patients, causing the board's distrust

    The scene in which Owen is drunk and begs Cristina to marry him as it is too difficult to see her everyday when they are actually apart, was another heartbreaking scene, which perferly echoed the patient's wife's line : "he is miserable every day because of me". 


    After considering those two options, Cristina doesn't go see Owen who gets into the elevator alone. I truly believe that this is the beginning of the end for Yang

    This projection to the future was needed for her (as well as for Crowen fans, me included) to finally accept that this relationship is doomed and can only bring misery

    I'm really happy Cristina finally addressed this problem as she escaped from the reality for over 3 seasons and that we finally got some Crowen resolution. Because I beleive that, if you truly love these two characters, you can't wish them to be together. This episode was a brutal but beautiful reminder that they both deserve more, they are better off and they SHOULD'NT have to live this way

    I imagine that after reaching this conclusion, Cristina is going to take it up with Owen and will make the next move towards the exit door.

    This made me realize that even though I keep repeating it since it was first announced, I will miss Cristina Yang even more than I thought

    Additional notes

    • "You know what a big dog makes ? Big poop. That thing could crap my entire body weight in a day." 
    • "You have a baby. A dog baby !"
    • "We're belly buddies !"
    • I loved all the signs illustrating passing time : the older kids (Zola, Sofia, Bailey's 7th birthday), the residents that turned into attendings such as Jo or Shane, the physical signs (Yang's grey hair, Webber's cane, ladies' older haircuts and all the futuristic elements : scrubs, these sort of pager bracelets, charts tablets, futuristic phones etc. 
    • Dr Bailey was on TV ! 
    • Meredith was constantly there for Cristina, throughout the years and the events ! They were really like a family ! Loved it ! 
    • Owen mentioning Teddy Altman when he considered moving to Germany ! LOVED IT !
    • I love when Cristina does the voice over !!! 

    What did you think ? 

    • Did you enjoy this unusual episode ? 
    • What were your favorite scenes ? 
    • What are your wishes for Cristina throughout the next 7 episodes ? 
    • POLL : Happy or sad to see Leah and Shane leaving the show ? 


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